Rhoeo - Stripe Me Pink 140mm Pot Rhoeo - Stripe Me Pink 140mm Pot

Rhoeo - Stripe Me Pink 140mm Pot

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Rhoeo - Stripe Me Pink 140mm Pot

Tradescantia spathacea

Description of plant at maturity:
Also known as ''Moses in the Cradle'' or ''Spiderwort'', Rhoeo are a clumping evergreen perennial known for showy foliage. Leaves are dark green above, striped with pink in this variety, and purple on the underside. The upright habit makes all sides of the leaf visible, creating a strinkingly colourful specimen.

Spectacular when mass planted outdoors and ideal as a feature pot plant indoors. Complement the different varieties of Rhoeo in mass plantings to create a beautiful display.
Grow in a sunny to partly shaded position in moist, well drained soil outdoors, or position in a brightly lit indoor area. Tolerant of hot conditions and periods of dryness. Tends to rot in wet soils so add organic matter to improve the drainage of your soil if required.

Plant type: Evergreen

Position: Full sun to bright filtered light

Height: 50cm

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