Richgro Bug Killa 250g Richgro Bug Killa 250g

Richgro Bug Killa 250g

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Richgro Bug Killa 250g

Bug Killa protects Azaleas, Roses and ornamental plants from Azalea Lace Bug, Aphids and Scarab Beetle Larvae. It is a systemic insecticide that is taken up by the plants roots to control pests. Richgro Bug Killa also contains iron and zeolite which are beneficial to plant health.

- Up to 6 weeks bug-free
- Treats up to 500 plants
- Added plant boosters
- Granular - easy to use with no mixing and no spraying
- For pots and gardens

Active = 70g/kg IMIDACLOPRID

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Categories: Plant Pests