Rose Bush - Sight Saver 200mm Pot (VN) Rose Bush - Sight Saver 200mm Pot (VN)

Rose Bush - Sight Saver 200mm Pot (VN)

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Rose Bush - Sight Saver 200mm Pot (VN)

Description of plant at maturity:
The bunches of blooms will thrill but are just as sensational separate and vased singly. Great to plant en masse or as a single pot feature. Intense honeysuckle fragrance.

Blooms of soft pink reaching 100mm across with 30-35 petals. Foliage is matt green with fantastic disease resistance. Blooms are best size when formed in cool weather. One of the best perfumed pinks.

Prefers an open, sunny position in organic, rich, well drained soils. Improve soil by incorporating organic matter and improve poorly drained soil by raising garden beds.

Planting potted roses:
Remove the pot gently without pulling on the plant. Do not tease the roots unless they are tightly packed or spiraling. Position the plant in the hole to the same soil level as found in the pot. Water in thoroughly. Do not place any fertiliser in or around the hole at this time; wait until new growth appears.

Planting bare root roses:
Remove the plant from its bag or covering. Where roots have been confined, gently move them back into a more outward direction. Trim back any broken or long roots using sharp secateurs. Dig a hole as deep as the roots and wider. Water the hole prior to planting. Do not place fertiliser in or around the hole when planting; wait until new growth appears. Plant your rose so the bud union is 3-5cm above the soil level. Backfill around the roots. Firm the soil gently and water in well.

Remove spent flowers and dead wood as they occur. Pruning is best performed during July when the rose is dormant.

Bush, Hybrid Tea and Floribundas can be planted about 60-90cm apart. Standards, about 1m apart. Climbers, 2-4m, depending on their vigour.

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