Roundup - All Purpose Weed Kill 1L RTU Roundup - All Purpose Weed Kill 1L RTU

Roundup - All Purpose Weed Kill 1L RTU

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Roundup - All Purpose Weed Kill 1L RTU

- Convenient, ready-mixed weedkiller
- First effects seen within 12 hours
- Non-residual; not active in the soil
- Rainproof after 30 minutes
- Replanting in 7 days
- 1L is enough to kill approximately 600 weeds, or an area of up to 30m2
- Innovative spray head with 2 spray patterns – including foaming action - and drip guard
- Child resistant packaging

Thanks to advanced weedkilling technology, honed over many years, Roundup is one of the safest weedkillers available when it’s used correctly.

One of the reasons for this is because Roundup deactivates upon contact with soil and is degraded by micro organisms.

Additionally, with Roundup, once the treated leaves have dried, children and pets can return to the area and you can carry out new planting.

Because it kills right down to the root, Roundup will eradicate almost all weeds, including deep-rooted perennials such as Pampas Grass, Bamboo and Lantana.

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