Rubus - Boysenberry 150mm Pot* (VN) Rubus - Boysenberry 150mm Pot* (VN)

Rubus - Boysenberry 150mm Pot* (VN)

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Rubus - Boysenberry 150mm Pot* (VN)

Rubus hybrid - Boysenberry

Description of plant at maturity:
A vigorous semi-thornless variety. Produces heavy yields of medium to large berries with excellent flavour. Eat fresh or freeze for later use. Ideal ingredient for adding flavour to desserts, fruits, pies and jams.

Plant in well drained soil rich in organic matter. Boysenberries have a shallow fiborous root system, therefore apply generous amounts of organic matter around the base. Remove canes that have fruit after fruting, and any weak canes, leave 6-10 strong ones. Prune long canes back in summer to encourage flowering in spring. Fertilise with citrus fertiliser during autumn. Self fertile.

Position: Full sun

Harvest: Summer

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