Seasol RTU 2.5L Hose On Seasol RTU 2.5L Hose On

Seasol RTU 2.5L Hose On

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Seasol RTU 2.5L Hose On

Seasol seaweed concentrate is a complete garden health treatment.
Ready to Use (RTU) with a hose-on applicator for easy aplication with tap on medium pressure.

- Stimulates strong root growth and beneficial soil micro-organisms.
- Promotes vigorous flowering and fruiting and overall garden health.
- Helps plants cope with all kinds of stress, such as heat, drought and frost.
- Gives plants better resistance to sucking insects and fungal attack.
- Safe to use on all plants including natives at any time.
- Improves seed germination rates and reduces transplant shock.
- Helps to increase nutrient uptake, so when fertilisers are applied they are much more effective.
- Australian Organic Registered Garden Product.

Can be used for foliar application, when transplanting/repotting, established gardens, veggies/herbs/annuals, indoor plants, ferns, new lawns, established lawns and large/stressed trees.

How to use:
Shake well. Remove pins from top of spray nozzle (pliers may be required). Attach hose connector. Turn on tap at low to medium pressure. Soak garden thoroughly. Contents should be disperse within 10 minutes (adjust timing and volume by increasing or decreasing water pressure). To cease operation, crimp hose or turn off tap. After use, replace pins in spray nozzle if any contents remains.

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