Syzygium - Pinnacle (PBR) 150mm Pot (VN) Syzygium - Pinnacle (PBR) 150mm Pot (VN)

Syzygium - Pinnacle (PBR) 150mm Pot (VN)

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Syzygium - Pinnacle (PBR) 150mm Pot (VN)

Syzygium australe Pinnacle

Description of plant at maturity:
Compact, upright, native tree for tight areas, providing sculptured design for impact. Glossy green leaves are contrasted by attractive red/brown new growth. Its flowers are followed by red/pink delicious fruits in profusion. Reaches over 8m in height, but can be pruned down to 2m. Drought and cold tolerant.

Ideal for hedging and screening in tight planting zones, along fences and driveways. Prefers moist, well drained soils. Water is needed for the first 8-13 weeks until established. Prune yearly for a tidy hedge or every 2-3 years as a screening plant.

Position: Full sun/part shade

Height: 6-10m

Width: 1-1.5m

Blooming season: Nov-Dec

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