Teucrium - Silver Box 140mm Pot Teucrium - Silver Box 140mm Pot

Teucrium - Silver Box 140mm Pot

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Teucrium - Silver Box 140mm Pot

Teucrium fruticans Silver Box

Description of plant at maturity:
Compact form with erect, upright habit. Ornamental, silvery foliage year round. Clear sky blue flowers from autumn through to late spring. Very hardy and dry tolerant shrub once established. Responds well to clipping for hedging.

Prefers a full sun location in most soil types given good drainage. Withstands dry conditions well once established but should be watered deeply occasionally during extended periods of heat. A hard prune after flowering will encourage a dense habit. If hedging, lighter but more frequent prunes to shape is required. An application of a slow release fertiliser after flowering is recommended. Suited to coastal conditions.

Ideal for low or narrow hedging, containers or gardens, mixed perennial or shrub borders, for contrast or general garden use.

Position: Full sun

Height: 1m

Width: 60cm

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Categories: Shrubs