The Buzz Cockroach Traps 6pk The Buzz Cockroach Traps 6pk

The Buzz Cockroach Traps 6pk

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The Buzz Cockroach Traps 6pk

The Cockroach Traps from The Buzz are powerful, highly-alluring banana scented attractant that lures cockroaches and crawling insects to the tray.

- Stronghold glue captures pests including cockroaches, silverfish, earwigs and beetles.
- Fits flush against walls and counters and has multiple entry points that appeals to cockroaches erratic behaviour.

Contains a proprietary blend of substances forming a pressure sensitive, odourless adhesive.

How to use:
1. Separate into two traps by folding and then tearing along perforated line, or use as one large trap.
2. Peel off the cover paper slowly
3. Fold to form a ''lock tab tent'' by sticking the glue tab in place over front windowed panel. Place traps on floor where crawling insect have been seen. Or, remove cover strip from base to fix traps to walls or beneath counters.
4. Once trap is full, wrap in newspaper and dispose of in bin.

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