Tillandsia - Living Air Plants - Size E Tillandsia - Living Air Plants - Size E

Tillandsia - Living Air Plants - Size E

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Tillandsia - Living Air Plants - Size E

Tillandsia ssp.

Description of plant at maturity:
These Air Plants are attached to small assorted figurines, such as dogs, cats, dolphins and birds.

There are many different varieties of Tillandsia available. Air Plants have the unique ability to capture water and nutrient requirements from the air through their leaves rather than roots. Many varieties produce absolutely stunning flowers at maturity.

Many offsets may be produced within just a few years and may be removed once half grown as a new plant. Most species grow between 3-20cm with the largest growing to 1m. They may reach maturity within 5-20 years, where they will then produce 4-20 flowers over just a few months. These flowers will be spectacular and long lasting - well worth the wait.

They are found growing on tree branches, rocks and cliff faces naturally. They have small roots that only serve their purpose to attach the plant to a substrate. The leaves are usually of a silvery green colour.

The easiest species to grow are Tillandsia fuchsia v gracilis (argentea), Tillandsia ionantha varieties and Tillandsia usneoides or Spanish moss. All Air Plants will generally grow well outdoors or on the patio with sufficient light. Protect from extreme weather. Alternatively, they will also grow well indoors in a bright position. To water these unusual plants, you can mist or dunk them. In a dark, cold, moist area, watering ever 2-4 weeks will be sufficient. They should almost dry out between waterings. The leaves will go limp and soft if they require water. You may use a very week dose of plant food in the water monthly to enhance growth.

They are easily mounted with plastic-coated wire/fishing line or a non-toxic glue such as PVA. They may be attached to posts, windows, or any area that is well lit - get creative.

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