Tillandsia - Spanish Moss Clump Tillandsia - Spanish Moss Clump

Tillandsia - Spanish Moss Clump

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Tillandsia - Spanish Moss Clump

Tillandsia usneoides

Description of plant at maturity:
Grows as a huge mass of tiny plants. Great for indoors. Water and feed regularly.

To water these unusual plants, you can mist or dunk them. In a dark, cold, moist area, watering ever 2-4 weeks will be sufficient. They should almost dry out between waterings. The leaves will go limp and soft if they require water. You may use a very week dose of plant food in the water monthly to enhance growth.

They are easily mounted with plastic-coated wire/fishing line or a non-toxic glue such as PVA. They may be attached to posts, windows, or any area that is well lit - get creative.

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