Vinca - Darts Blue 140mm Pot Vinca - Darts Blue 140mm Pot

Vinca - Darts Blue 140mm Pot

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Vinca - Darts Blue 140mm Pot

Vinca minor Darts Blue

Also known as Myrtle, and an extremely popular evergreen groundcover. This selection forms a dense mat of glossy dark green leaves, studded with light-blue flowers in spring. Very shade tolerant, the leaves will sometimes scorch in too much sun.

Tolerates dry shade once plants are established. Stems root into the ground readily, and the new plants that form may be easily moved to a new location in spring or early fall. Mowing the patch low after blooming every couple of years will help to keep it thick.

Plant 4 to 10 plants per square yard. Differs from the straight species or ''Bowles'' Variety'' in having slightly larger leaves and blooms, and flowers in a softer tone of blue. Reported to have improved disease resistance.

Position: Part shade

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