Yates Buffalo Pro Fertiliser 2.5kg Yates Buffalo Pro Fertiliser 2.5kg

Yates Buffalo Pro Fertiliser 2.5kg

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Yates Buffalo Pro Fertiliser 2.5kg

Buffalo Pro Lawn Fertiliser is a professional grade, controlled release granular fertiliser ideal for Buffalo lawns. Designed to give you a strong, green and healthy lawn, this Lawn Fertiliser releases nitrogen and potassium over a 4 month period so you achieve a long lasting consistent result, without surge growth or burning, whilst also minimising nutrient runoff and leaching.

- A balanced blend of controlled and fast release essential nutrients
- It promotes a consistently greener, thicker lawn that crowds out weeds and promotes a strong, deep root system
- Buffalo Pro Lawn Fertiliser is a high analysis, concentrated formula that covers more lawn area per kg when compared to traditional lawn fertilisers

NPK 30.3:3:10

Apply any time of year, during periods of active growth. For best results we recommend application in early spring, early summer and early autumn.

Rate: This 2.5 kg pack covers 166 m2. Apply at a rate of 15 g / m2. Note: one adult handful contains approximately 30 g.

How to apply:
Calculate lawn size and required amount of Buffalo Pro Fertiliser. For hand application, apply to lawn evenly at the recommended rate. Using a sweeping arc motion, spread half the amount required walking in a north-south direction, and the remainder in an east-west direction. To cover large areas use a lawn fertiliser spreader. Ensure driveways and paths are dry to ensure accidental application does not stain. Sweep product off driveways and paths immediately after application as product will stain hard surfaces when wet.

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