Yates Lawn Repair 1kg Yates Lawn Repair 1kg

Yates Lawn Repair 1kg

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Yates Lawn Repair 1kg

- Yates Lawn Seed Repair is a premium lawn seed blend of couch, fescue and fast germinating rye grasses
- Also contains slow release lawn fertiliser specially formulated to repair bare or patchy lawn areas
special blend will help thicken up any bare areas, bringing life back to your lawn.
- The slow release fertiliser assists with the growth of new seedlings as they start to develop and establish, while also encouraging existing lawn to strengthen and grow.
- Contains bentonite, a natural wetting agent, to assist with holding moisture to aid seed germination.
- Ideal for sunny or shady areas.

Perennial Ryegrass 50% by seed count
Annual Ryegrass 40% by seed count
Creeping Red Fescue 5% by seed count
Unhulled Couch 5% by seed count
Blend contains 20% (by weight) slow release lawn food (22% Nitrogen, 5% Potassium, 2% Iron), 30% (by weight) Bentonite, a granular soil improver

How to Use:
Step 1: Cut existing lawn down to expose soil of the area you wish to repair. Make sure you remove any weeds in the area.
Step 2: Lightly rake the area to loosen the soil, optionally laying down a fertiliser such as Dynamic Lifter Organic Lawn Food to improve the soil around the desired area.
Step 3: Scatter the Yates Lawn Repair, with the first half of the product scattered in a north-south direction and the remaining half in an east-west direction. Rake into the surface, in one direction only to ensure a more even result.
Step 4: Water the patch/new lawn regularly making sure the area is kept moist at all times.

For best results sow in early autumn to allow development of a deep root system prior to first summer. Sowing in spring is also an ideal time, though more watering may be required throughout the first summer.

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