Yates Natures Way Caterpillar Killer Dipel 40g Yates Natures Way Caterpillar Killer Dipel 40g

Yates Natures Way Caterpillar Killer Dipel 40g

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Yates Natures Way Caterpillar Killer Dipel 40g

One or two caterpillars in the garden aren’t worth worrying about. But, unfortunately, in the warmer months caterpillars tend to come in huge numbers and, as the children’s book tells us, caterpillars are always ‘very hungry’, eating more and more as they grow.

Dipel’s a non-toxic, natural caterpillar control that’s been providing organic protection from caterpillars for more than thirty years. And now Yates Nature’s Way Dipel Caterpillar Killer, Yates Product of the Month for December 2007, is available in new look packaging. Yates has included Dipel in its Nature’s Way range to remind us of its favourable, environmentally friendly profile. And, because Yates supports Landcare’s environmental projects, the Landcare logo features on this new Dipel pack, providing another clue to its earth-friendly credentials.

Dipel only affects caterpillars in the moth and butterfly family. It won’t harm any other organism and has long been a favourite of organic gardeners and commercial growers. And better still, when applied to food crops Dipel has no withholding period: vegies, fruit and salad ingredients can be washed and eaten immediately after spraying.

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