Yates Pathweeder RTU 750ml Yates Pathweeder RTU 750ml

Yates Pathweeder RTU 750ml

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Yates Pathweeder RTU 750ml

This advanced formula is a combination of a systemic herbicide to kill existing weeds and a long lasting herbicide that prevents new weeds germinating for up to 12 months. For long term weed and grass control on paths, driveways, tennis courts and car parks.

- Yates PATHweeder does not stain most hard surfaces.
- Use of new low toxic active ingredients; Diflufenican and Oxyflurofin. Plus added Glyphosate the trusted proven weedkiller.
- Advanced concentrate formulation – new liquid concentrate formulation that is more concentrated and easy to dose and mix.
- 7 day visible symptoms.
- Rainproof after 12 hours.
- Available in 750ml or 1L.

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