Yates Waterwise Drought Shield RTU 750ml Yates Waterwise Drought Shield RTU 750ml

Yates Waterwise Drought Shield RTU 750ml

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Yates Waterwise Drought Shield RTU 750ml

Prevents water loss by up to 50%. Safe & easy use for all plants. Drought & frost proof your plants. Protects plants from extreme conditions.

- Forms a protective, clear colymer film over leaves protecting them from damaging environmental conditions including heat, water loss, drying winds, sunburn, droughts, light frosts and transplant shock
- Allows you to water less often
- Lasts up to 90 days and is biodegradable


Drought, Sun & Wind exposure – Water plant well and spray before stress conditions begin. Respray new growth as required and when conditions are severe.

Planting – Trees, Shrubs, Seedlings and Cuttings – Spray immediately following transplanting and repeat at 7 day intervals until established.

Transplanting – Several hours before transplanting, water plant well and spray with DroughtShield.

Light Frost Protection – Spray before frosts begin and repeat at 30 day intervals until danger of frost has passed.

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