Yates White Oil Insecticide 500ml Yates White Oil Insecticide 500ml

Yates White Oil Insecticide 500ml

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Yates White Oil Insecticide 500ml

For control of scales, aphids, mealybugs, mites and citrus leafminer on citrus, other fruit trees, roses and ornamentals. This product blocks the breathing pores of insects causing suffocation and rapid death. Thorough coverage of pests is therefore essential.

- Can also be used on indoors plants & daphne
- Child resistant cap
- Easy to use measure pack

Contains: 820g/L Petroleum Oil

Directions for use:
Please refer to the packaging instructions for application rates. Pour 20mL volumes into measure cylinder and mix with required amount of water. Repeat as required.
Note: Spray must thoroughly cover upper and lower leaf surfaces. Dead scale may remain on the plant for a few weeks after spraying.

- Do not spray when temperatures are near 35 degrees or above.
- Do not use on citrus trees in late autumn/winter.
- Do not apply to edible crops later than 1 day before harvest.

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