Yates Zero Weed Killer Twin Pack x2 750ml Yates Zero Weed Killer Twin Pack x2 750ml

Yates Zero Weed Killer Twin Pack x2 750ml

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Yates Zero Weed Killer Twin Pack x2 750ml

Non selective control of all grasses and broadleaf weeds. Absorbed by the foliage, the active ingredient is translocated down to the roots to destroy the weed, roots and all. First signs are a gradual yellowing and wilting of the plant. This advances to a complete browning of the entire weed and the death of the root.

- Effective, economical and easy control of weeds and grasses in rockeries, garden beds, paths, driveways, along fencelines and lawn edges
- Perfect for clearing garden beds before planting and clearing areas prior to planting new lawns
- Glyphosate travels from the foliage to the roots, and it kills weeds, roots and all.
- Non residual

Weeds controlled:
Broad leaf weeds and grasses including ryegrass, bamboo, barnyard grass, brome grass, bufalo, couch, dandelion, guinea grass, kikuyu, lantana, nutgrass, onion weed, oxalis species (soursob), paspalum, rhodes grass, sorrel, St John''s wort, winter grass.

How to apply:
Apply to actively growing plants when soil is moist and most have reached the early head stage. Spray all foliage until just wet. Repeat treatment for perennial species. Apply to onion weed and oxalis species (soursob) when flowering.

Ingredients: 7.2g/L Glyphosate

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