Agave - Medan 150mm Pot (VN) Agave - Medan 150mm Pot (VN)

Agave - Medan 150mm Pot (VN)

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Agave - Medan 150mm Pot (VN)

Agave americana - Medan

Description of plant at maturity:
This Agave is heat tolerant but frost tender. Great for pots or feature planting. Forms large rosettes with a variegated pattern. Will grow to approximately 2m in height. Plant in a full sun position.

Agave have large, fleshy leaves that form a tight succulent rosette. Ideal for dry, sunny gardens and containers. Its striking form makes a great feature in modern or minimalistic garden styles. Best grown in full sun in well drained, gritty soils. Tolerates some shade and long periods of dryness.

Position: Full sun

Height: 2m

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Categories: Succulents