Amgrow Nu Erth Premium Potting Mix 36L Amgrow Nu Erth Premium Potting Mix 36L

Amgrow Nu Erth Premium Potting Mix 36L

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Amgrow Nu Erth Premium Potting Mix 36L

Nu-Erth Premium Potting Mix is a superior blend of quality ingredients, prepared from fully composted organic materials, horticultural sand and fertilisers. It has been scientifically formulated to provide the best combination of physical and nutritional characteristics to ensure active growth for long term potted plants. This product complies with the requirements of the Australian Standards for a Premium Grade potting mix.

Special Features:
- Coir fibre aids water retention and assists long term stability.
- BioActiv Compost which contains beneficial micro-organisms and micro-nutrients will actively assist in reducing the incidence of root disease and encourage better plant growth.
- Controlled slow release fertiliser for longer term nutrition.
- Wettasoil Granular wetting agent to maximise water uptake and ensure that the pot is watered evenly.

Repotting Directions:
1. Water plants thoroughly prior to repotting.
2. Select a new pot which is slightly larger than the original.
3. Remove the plant from the old pot. Gently tease out the roots if root bound.
4. Fill the pot with sufficient potting mix to leave the root ball 2-3cm below the top of the pot.
5. Place the plant in the centre of the pot. Fill the pot with new mix, firming down gently to ensure all spaces are filled with mix.
6. Water slowly until water starts to drain from the bottom of the pot.

Growing Hints:
- Watering: Frequency of watering depends on the plant and pot size. Watering may be required daily during hot weather but only weekly during cooler months for example.
- Fertilising: This mix contains the correct balance of plant nutrients and a controlled release fertiliser. After two months, further fertiliser applications will be required on a regular basis to maintain growth.

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