Brunnings Potash Powder 2.5kg Brunnings Potash Powder 2.5kg

Brunnings Potash Powder 2.5kg

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Brunnings Potash Powder 2.5kg

Brunnings Potash Power is a potassium rich fertiliser designed for the home garden. It contains nutrients essential for all plants, especially vegetables, flowering and crop bearing trees.

- Improves the colour of flowers and the quality of fruit.
- Strengthens plants and increases resistance to stress and fungus disease.
- Highly recommended for use on roses.
- Use on lawns to improve wear resistance and heat, drought and cold tolerance.

Dry Application:
Apply at a rate of 15 grams per square metre evenly over the soil. Water in well immediately after.

Soluble Application:
Dissolve 20 grams (two heaped tablespoons) in 8 litres of water. Stir the contents until the product is dissolved completely. Apply this to the soil surrounding the root system and spray liberally over the foliage. Repeat application 3 times at weekly intervals.

Blend 1 part Brunnings Sulphate of Potash to 10 parts Brunnings Blood & Bone to make an ideal multi-purpose plant food.

Potash Power is ideal to supplement some organic fertilisers, which are low in Potassium.

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