Carex - Everest 155mm Pot (VN) Carex - Everest 155mm Pot (VN)

Carex - Everest 155mm Pot (VN)

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Carex - Everest 155mm Pot (VN)

Carex oshimensis Everest

Description of plant at maturity:
This ornamental grass provides a groundcover solution to courtyard and patio areas. Its refreshing green/white colour is easy to mix with other plants. Can be used as a garden groundcover plant in groupings for great visual effect.

Ideal for planting under shrubs and trees or as a patio garden border. Everest may also be planted in pots as the foliage naturally cascades for a great visual effect. Very hardy, tolerates dry conditions. Apply a controlled release fertiliser at planting. Water adequately to establish. Trim if necessary.

Plant type: Evergreen

Position: Sun/part shade - frost tolerant to -15 C.

Height: 45cm

Spread: 45cm

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