Dracaena - Marginata 250mm Pot Dracaena - Marginata 250mm Pot
Dracaena - Marginata 250mm PotDracaena - Marginata 250mm Pot

Dracaena - Marginata 250mm Pot

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Dracaena - Marginata 250mm Pot

Dracaena marginata

Description of plant at maturity:
A striking, sculptural plant with long, pointed, dark green foliage, edged in red. Ideal for the indoor environment where it is highly regarded as durable performer. Wonderful for patio containers in frost free areas. Can be used to great effect as a landscape accent plant.

Requires a sunny or partly shaded site with well drained soils. Not tolerant of waterlogged soils or frosts. Water moderately and allow to dry out slightly between waterings. Prune to shape as required, new leaves will sprout from the pruning cut.

To plant, cultivate the soil before planting. Dig a hole twice the width of the plant pot. Remove the plant from the container and place into the hole so the soil level is the same as the surrounding ground.

Plant type: Evergreen foliage plant

Position: Sun/part shade/bright light indoors

Height: to 4m outdoors

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