Euphorbia - Rudolph 140mm Pot Euphorbia - Rudolph 140mm Pot
Euphorbia - Rudolph 140mm PotEuphorbia - Rudolph 140mm Pot

Euphorbia - Rudolph 140mm Pot

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Euphorbia - Rudolph 140mm Pot

Euphorbia x martinii Rudolph

Description of plant at maturity:
A compact form of Euphorbia which will brighten the gloomy winter days with a vivid display of glowing red tips. Although the main feature, this ornamental display will be followed in late winter by sprays of tiny red flowers shrouded in limey green bracts typical to this family. A tough and easy to grow plant for most climatic zones and soil types.

Grows well in most soils which are well draining. Once established water requirements are very low but do not allow to dry out completely over extended periods of heat. Generally no pruning required other than removal of spent flower stems to encourage bushy growth. When pruning use gloves as sap can be irritating to skin and eyes. Apply a slow release fertilser during summer for best results.

Position: Full sun

Height: 50cm

Width: 50cm

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Categories: Shrubs