Ficus - Variegated Weeping Fig 150mm Pot (VN) Ficus - Variegated Weeping Fig 150mm Pot (VN)

Ficus - Variegated Weeping Fig 150mm Pot (VN)

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Ficus - Variegated Weeping Fig 150mm Pot (VN)

Ficus benjaminia Variegata - Weeping Fig

Description of plant at maturity:
Attractive, slightly weeping glossy green leaves with a variegated margin that provide a classy, beautiful feature to any home or patio. Commonly grown as a standard and may also be grown outdoors in frost free areas if protected from extreme weather.

Can grow into a large tree if conditions permit. Only requires filtered light to grow, and is well suited to growing in pots or tubs; a position that recieves some bright light is ideal.

Allow the top soil to dry out briefly between waterings and make sure that both the soil medium and pot is very well draining. This ficus may drop its leaves if it is unhappy, which will indicate stress from somethings such as over or under watering. Not to fret, the plant will recover quickly. The stunning glossy foliage responds well to pruning to encourage new bushy growth. Tolerates dryness once established.

Plant type: Evergreen

Position: Filtered light to part sun

Height: to 6m

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