Gardman Soil Moisture Meter Gardman Soil Moisture Meter

Gardman Soil Moisture Meter

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Gardman Soil Moisture Meter

The Gardman Soil Moisture Meter provides a guide for optimal watering of plants and lawns either indoors or outdoors. The Soil Moisture Meter includes full instructions and an optimum soil moisture guide.

- Great value
- Easy to use
- Full instructions included

Instructions for use:
1. Insert the probe into the soil with a twisting motion.
2. Leave for one minute then read dial.
3. Remove, clean and prepare probe with a cloth or tissue.

RED ZONE - Dry. Suits Cacti and Sansevieria
GREEN ZONE - Damp. Suits most plants.
BLUE ZONE - Wet. Suits aquatic plants.

Please note: Do not leave the probe in soil for prolonged periods. Always clean the probe with cloth after use.

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