Golden Cane Palm 250mm Pot Golden Cane Palm 250mm Pot

Golden Cane Palm 250mm Pot

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Golden Cane Palm 250mm Pot

Chrysalidocarpus lutescens - Golden Cane Palm

Description of plant at maturity:
An elegant, clustering palm native to Madagascar that has graceful stems, that are coloured a delightful golden colour, and deep green arching fronds. It makes a great landscaping palm, useful for around pools, buildings and gardens, where its thicket habit will be shown off to best advantage.

It will do best in a well-drained position in the full sun. Fertilise occasionally, but not too often, in order to encourage yellow colouring. A good indoor palm, provided it is kept in a well-lit position and kept moist, but not wet.

Plant type: Evergreen

Position: Sun/part shade/indoors filtered light

Height: 7m

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