Malus - Gorgeous - Wrapped Bag Malus - Gorgeous - Wrapped Bag
Malus - Gorgeous - Wrapped BagMalus - Gorgeous - Wrapped Bag

Malus - Gorgeous - Wrapped Bag

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Malus - Gorgeous - Wrapped Bag

Crab Apple Malus spp. Gorgeous

Description of plant at maturity:
A highly ornamental small tree and one of the most popular crab apple varieties. Gorgeous has pink buds opening to white flowers and produces masses of crimson red fruit ideal for crab apple jelly.

''Wrapped'' trees are bare-root, meaning they have been removed from the soil during winter-dormancy. To plant, dig a hole that is twice as wide as it is deep. Make a small mound of soil in the centre of the hole and gently position the roots of the tree evenly as you plant the tree on the mound. Backfill the hole, taking care not to bury the tree too high above the roots (do not cover the graft-union). Water in well. For best results, prune the tree by 30-50%. Water regularly until established.

Plant type: Deciduous Ornamental Tree

Height: 3m

Width: 2.5m

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