Manutec Iron Chelate 300g Manutec Iron Chelate 300g

Manutec Iron Chelate 300g

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Manutec Iron Chelate 300g

Iron Chelate is a high quality product developed for usage on iron deficient soils and iron deficient crops through foliar application. Horticultural crops, particularly perennials and fruit crops are most commonly susceptible to iron deficiency.

This is of commercial importance in fruit trees like apple, pear, apricot, cherry, plum, lemon, orange, lime and mandarin and in berries like strawberry and grape and in vegetables like tomato, cucumber and bean. Other crops susceptible to iron deficiency include roses, ornamentals and arable crops such as cotton, cereals and soybean. Alkaline and calcareous soils are most susceptible to iron deficiency.

Dissolve in water and apply evenly to the soil surrounding the root system as per the recommended application rates on the product or use as a foliar spray.
Note: Though foliar sprays provide a quick relief due to fast absorption and action, the relief to the plants will be very temporary, once the nutrients are utilised, plants again hunt for nutrients from the soil, so it is always advisable to supplement soils also regularly to avoid severity of deficiency.

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