Pomegranate - Elche 330mm Pot (VN) Pomegranate - Elche 330mm Pot (VN)

Pomegranate - Elche 330mm Pot (VN)

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Pomegranate - Elche 330mm Pot (VN)

Punica granatum Elche

Description of plant at maturity:
Highly decorative, shrubby, deciduous fruit tree, to 2.5m tall with attractive foliage, flowers and fruits. The red juice around the pomegranate seeds is prized. Fruit is also used as decorations.

Strong flavour and many health benefits makes this fruit a favourite around the world. Elche Pomegranates have to be picked at just the right time; not too early (wont ripen) or too late (may burst). Drought hardy.

Grow in containers or as a hedge. Requires a warm, sunny sheltered situation with well drained soil. Little attention is required other than pruning to shape. Fertilise in spring.

To plant, dig hole slightly larger than the root system. Remove container and place tree in hole making sure bud union is at least 10cm above the soil level. Fill with soil, leaving no air pockets, and build a basin around the tree to hold 10-12 litres of water.

Water immediately after planting, repeat next day and then twice weekly for the first three weeks, then at weekly intervals for the first growing season.

Plant type: Deciduous

Position: Full sun

Height: 2.5m

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