Ratsak Disposable Bait Station Ratsak Disposable Bait Station

Ratsak Disposable Bait Station

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Ratsak Disposable Bait Station

RATSAK Fast Action Disposable Mouse Bait is a no touch pre baited station. Simply place where signs of mouse activity have been seen, and throw away after the bait has been eaten. It''s that simple!

- Revolutionary NO TOUCH pre-baited station
- Helps keep bait away from pets
- Ready to use, wax block included
- Simply dispose station when block is eaten
- Unique design - no touch, no mess, no fuss

Control tips:
- Space bait stations 2-3 metres apart.
- One feed of RATSAK® Fast Action Wax Blocks is sufficient to kill mice. They may continue to eat the bait after a lethal dose has been ingested.
- Most deaths occur 4 to 7 days after consumption of bait however baiting for at least 2 weeks will be necessary to reduce mice numbers.
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