Ratsak Fast Action Trow Packs 5x20g Ratsak Fast Action Trow Packs 5x20g

Ratsak Fast Action Trow Packs 5x20g

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Ratsak Fast Action Trow Packs 5x20g

RATSAK Fast Action Pellets also comes in individual chew-thru throw packs to kill rats and mice with a single feed!

- Ideal for hard to reach places and there is no need to touch bait.
- Active ingredient kills rats and mice in a single feed.
- It also contains a bittering agent which helps prevent accidental consumption by children.
- RATSAK Fast Action Throw Packs will control species resistant to warfarin.

Control tips:
- Place throw packs under cover and not in the open. Record the number and locations of throw packs for later replenishment and or removal.
- Inspect throw packs daily if possible and increase number of throw packs if bait is being eaten quickly. Maintain baits until feeding ceases.
- Most deaths occur 4 to 7 days after bait consumption. Baiting for at least 2 weeks is necessary to reduce rat/mouse numbers.

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