Yates - RATSAK Trap Station Yates - RATSAK Trap Station

Yates - RATSAK Trap Station

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Yates - RATSAK Trap Station

- The strong and durable station features a lock and key to help keep away from children and pets
- Reusable trap which helps to quickly and effectively control unwanted rats and mice in and around your home
- Effective in trapping both mice and rats

RATSAK Trap Station is a poison free alternative to control rodents, which allows you to catch and dispose of rodent to ensure safe removal. Station helps keep powerful rat and mouse traps away from children and pets.

To use, place the station where there are signs of rodent activity, bait the trap with peanut butter or hazelnut spread and lift the lever to set. Close the station using the key to lock to avoid the trap going off inside prematurely. Simply lift the trap lever to dispose of the dead rodent and reset the trap inside the station to reuse.

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